Gallon of Gasoline Comparisons

I don’t think you understand how much energy a gallon of gas has. This series of tests will illustrate myself carrying out a series of tests to replicate the amount of work done by a gallon of gas. From transportation to moving snow, I’ll see what it takes to make up the same amount of work we take for granted every day. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email us.

Stage: Conception
Last Update: 27 Jan 21
Expected Completion: Ongoing, may encompass other trials.

Problem Statement

What does it take to replicate gasoline power in regular activities?


In addition to some background gasoline information, we will calculate theoretical power measurements will be computed.


A surprising amount of labor will be needed to replicate the energy embodied in a gallon of gas for most applications.


A series of tasks will be completed with gasoline and then will be replicated with human power: moving snow, transporting a 50-lb load, cutting grass, and more.


Amount of gasoline expended to complete a measured task (converted to watts) will be compared to amount of time, calories, and watts


Human power will be compared to gasoline power.


Reports and videos will be produced.

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