Bee Report — Moving Hives

We’re in the process of moving into our permanent location and we’ll be limiting our posts to short entries. Please bear with us.

We picked up our hives last week and moved them to our new location. As bees are diurnal, we move hives at night by plugging the entry when all the bees are in for the night.

Hive split into two for transport.

The problem was that we had one hive with three deep boxes. A few months back we had a dead out and we popped the extra honey on top of the still-living hive. Each box can way up to 100 lb., and therefore a three-deep hive is too much for even a pair of people to carry safely. We had to then split the hive into a two-deep and a one-deep set up for moving. It was cold out, so we thought the bees would be clustered in the lower boxes. When we went to lift up the top box, though, the bees were not clustered and were feeling feisty. We both got stung as we hadn’t fully gotten suited up or lit our smoker. In any event, we got the boxes separated and moved to our new yard. As you can see from the pictures, the bees should be happy here.

The bees in their new yard.

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