Finished Temporary Chicken Coop

We’re in the process of moving into our permanent location and we’ll be limiting our posts to short entries. Please bear with us.

Last week I converted a small shed connected to our garage into a chicken coop, and I wanted to post some before-and-after photos.

Inside the coop, I’ve added a quick roost, a layer box made of wash tubs and milk crates, a water stand made of a paint can, and a hanging chicken feeder. The chicken feeder will be used in the new coop I’m building later this summer. Some of you may be wondering why we only have one layer box. It is because our chickens won’t use more than one. Yesterday when I was cleaning the garage, I heard Whitney, our 3-year-old sex-link making a big fuss at Prince, our 1-year-old barred rock hen, who was sitting in the layer box. Whitney needed to lay an egg and she bossed Prince out of the box, laid her egg, and went back outside. Prince went back in the box and laid her own egg a few minutes later. They do the same thing when they have two boxes. I don’t know why they started doing this, but they want to share.


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