Elbow-Grease-Powered Tree Downing

We had a dying pine tree (turns out it was a spruce) on our property. Before building infrastructure near this tree, it needed to be taken down. It isn’t a decision we take lightly, but in this case it was necessary. A few days ago, I estimated the tree’s height at 79 ft, but it was in fact only 70 ft tall.

I’ve got a video that I’ll post about how we took the tree down and split it up into lengths (and hopefully into timbers I can use to build a chicken coop), but for now, here are a few pictures.

And a big thanks to Todd for coming over to help down this tree. Todd is a traditional woodworker in Madison and has the right tools for doing this the right way.

Todd came over to help take down the tree. His muscle and tools were indispensable.
Once the tree was downed, we had to limb it: removing all the top and side limbs.
Screenshot from 2017-05-02 21-47-43
After limbing, we used a cross-cut saw to cut it into 10-ft lengths.

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