Habemus Malum — We Have an Apple Tree

Over the weekend, we had visitors and on a tour of the back yard one of them (Paul G.) pointed out that our apple tree needed some pruning. We hadn’t identified this tree yet, but sure enough, when we looked closely, it was clear to see the apple blossoms had been fertilized. When a new pope is selected, they call out Habemus Papum, that is, “we have a pope.” Well, the title of our post comes from, “we have an apple tree!”

The only problem is that the apple tree is under a giant spruce tree that is overgrown on its underlimbs. We were able to trim the spruce so that it still has plenty of green real estate but it gives the apples (and potato rows) a little more light during the day.

The remaining question now is: what type of apples are we getting? Eatin’ apples or cider apples? Either way will be useful, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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