DIY Project — Easy, Safe Herbicide

Many people are avoiding glyphosate, also known as RoundUp™, but still have to deal with plants in unwanted locations. If weeds are left to grow in the cracks of walkways, the cement or pavers will be dislodged over time, for example. Perhaps a nasty invasive has started to take over an area. Tony B., a good friend and fellow founder of Deep Green Garden Co-op, turned me on to “Not RoundUp.” It’s a simple recipe that will take care of most plans for about a year.

Mix 1/2 gal water with 1/2 gal vinegar and 1 C salt. You may need to heat the mixture or use boiling water to get all the salt to dissolve quickly. Once cool, the mixture can go in a sprayer, watering can, or whatever you have on hand. A light application of the liquid on the roots and/or leaves will kill most small plants.

Alternatively, you can just use boiling water.

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