For Sale — Long Langstroth Hive, $300

We’ve finished our long Langstroth hives and have two for sale. Are you interested in using your Langstroth frames but don’t want to lift those heavy deeps for inspections? This might be the hive for you. These hold 32 Langstroth deeps, and so could hold two colonies separated by the follow board. The hinged top opens over the doors, so you stand behind the hive for inspections.

It has a screened bottom with a board that can be put in place for the winter.

The inspections go smoothly because you only expose a few frames at a time by removing narrow frame covers (frames not included). Breathable insulation can be added to the top to help the bees over winter. The 1-1/2-in-thick walls also add insulation.

The gable-roof is ventilated at the ends with screened openings. It has gotten two coats of exterior latex paint.

We can only deliver in the Madison area (extra $20).

Contact us for details and see the item in our store.

8 thoughts on “For Sale — Long Langstroth Hive, $300

    1. Hello and thanks for checking. Shipping costs more than the hive itself because it is so heavy. Please feel free to use our plans and have a local carpenter build them for you. It should cost about the same!

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