News Roundup — June 16, 2017

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Low Tech News

Solar Irrigation Pump is Winner of the 2017 Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy and Water – E
How to Kill a Tree Stump Without Poisonous Chemicals – Deep Green Permaculture
A pocket of Passivhaus projects popping up in Ontario cottage country – T
Happy 200th birthday to the bicycle! – T
The bicycle, 200 years old today, was a timely response to an environmental crisis – T
1717 – Planning for Future Generations – Permaculture Podcast
[Episode #45] – Climate Science Part 3 – Paleoclimate – Energy Transition Show

Environmental News

Judge Declares Mistrial in Pipeline Protester Case – Earth First!
The Trump administration may shrink Bears Ears national monument – G
Explainer: The challenge of defining fossil fuel subsidies – Carbon Brief
Global coal production sees biggest decline in history – T
Five Officials Will Face Manslaughter Charges for Flint Water Crisis – Earth First!
Pipeline Protestors Disrupt VA Democrat’s Gubernatorial Primary Victory Party – Earth First!

Research News

How Climate Data Is Collected – NPR
City trees suffer from not getting enough sleep – T
The Doomsday Seed Vault Is Getting Upgrades to Withstand Climate Change – VM
Silent partners: Are earthworms creating pathways for invasive plants?  – The Conversation
As Female Elk Age, They Become Practically Impossible to Hunt – VM


Can we create a durable future? – Resource Insights
Paleofuturism – The Great Change
Leading from Nature: Politics and Biomimicry – E
With all our amazing technology, why do single-use plastics still exist? – T
Why Is Trudeau Blowing His Chance to Curb Dangerous, Climate-Warming Methane? – The Tyee
Analysis: US states and cities could meet Paris climate goals without Trump – Carbon Brief
End the Burning – Begin the Growing – Feasta

Source Abbreviations

E – The Ecologist
G – Grist
MJ – Mother Jones
NPR – National Public Radio
NYT – New York Times
TH – TreeHugger
V – Vice
VM – Vice: Motherboard

Disclaimer: The news stories and posts linked above are not meant as an endorsement of the information presented. They are provided as they may be of interest to our readers and further our aims of solutions for a post-fossil-fuel world. We strive to provide fact-based information. If you feel that political views are being presented in a partisan fashion, we are happy to provide equal time to opposing view points as long as they are derived from verifiable data and facts.

¹Opinion pieces represent the independent thought of their authors and may or may not represent the position of the Low Technology Institute.

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