Weekend Workshops — Cordials and Earthbags

We had a busy weekend: Saturday was the cordial-making workshop and Sunday had us outside filling earthbags.

Cordial Making

We had Melody Karklin Knudson, a forager and herbalist, in on Saturday to teach over a half-dozen folks about making cordials. We made a cherry version to take home and got to sample probably a dozen different types she’d made beforehand, from mint and ginger to pumpkin spice. These surprisingly refreshing beverages were a big hit.

Walipini Earthbag Building

Sunday was cool but dry and we were out on the Walipini build site with six of us filling earth bags after filling up a rubble trench. It was a day of experimentation and we worked out improvements to the mixing area (a trough in the ground worked best) and changes needed for the bag-holding frame. Nice work all around! More updates will be coming on this building project.

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