Leopold Bench or Chair Plans

IMG_20180317_165912161.jpgWe recently built a few chairs to increase the seating area for workshops and meetings here at the institute and it was an easy choice to use the bench design of Aldo Leopold, a pioneering ecologist and local folk hero here in Wisconsin. These triangular benches are seen all over the area, from back yards to parks and cabins. Typically these are wide enough for two people, but we modified the design to just accommodate one person.

As always, the plans are available for free for you to use and share (CC-BY-SA). The outlines below can guide a beginning carpenter through their construction. The measurements are adaptable for whatever height and width (up to 48 in) you like, simply substitute your seat height measurement and width for the variables s and w respectively. You can access a pdf of the plans here, or check out all of our plans over at the Low Tech Designs page.

Later this week I’ll put out a video showing the build out of our chairs. In addition, our beginning carpentry class this spring will use this as a project for you to learn on and take home.



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