News Roundup — March 23, 2018

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Low Tech News

If we want water security, we must diversify water supply | Ensia
Bamboo Building and Agroforestry Workshops – Ecuador | Natural Building Blog
China Has Officially Started Building The World’s First ‘Forest City’ | Natural Building Blog
How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer) | Natural Building Blog
Strawbale Round House Showcases Every Natural Building Method Imaginable | Natural Building Blog
Teenage Sons and Father build entire Earthbag House for $7,000 | Natural Building Blog
Restoring Mayberry: You left the doors open
The Croaky Sounds of Spring – The New York Times
[Episode #65] – Climate Science Part 9 – Jet Stream | The Energy Transition ShowEpisode 1808: Holistic Management and The Tallgrass Network with Julie Mettenburg | The Permaculture Podcast
The hot poop on the Cinderella incinerating toilet | TreeHugger
What on Earth are you doing … for World Water Day? | TreeHugger

What on Earth are you doing … for the International Day of Forests? | TreeHugger

Kid injuries are normal. Don’t freak out. | TreeHugger

Alcohol makers join the fight against plastic straws | TreeHugger

This back-to-nature hobby has everyone buzzing | TreeHugger
Growing basil indoors in the winter
Vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, ethical omnivore. And now we have the Wildevore diet

Environmental News

Yellowstone Captures More Buffalo, Far Exceeds Kill Quota | Earth First! Newswire
Blockade Stops Bayou Bridge Pipeline Construction | Earth First! Newswire
Canada: Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protest Grows: Arrests Include a Greenpeace Founder, Juno-Nominated Grandfather | Earth First! Newswire

Washington’s Gray Wolf Population Increases For Ninth Consecutive Year | Earth First! Newswire

This California City Is About to Put Big Oil’s Bad Science on Trial – Mother Jones

Climate change will have its Scopes Monkey Trial this week | Grist

Fossil fuels are the problem, say fossil fuel companies being sued | Grist

Canada’s Outdoor Rinks Are Melting. So Is a Way of Life. – The New York Times

Easter Island Is Eroding – The New York Times
Sudan, World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies : Parallels : NPR
The Trash Patch In The Pacific Is Many Times Bigger Than We Thought : The Two-Way : NPR

Research News

Surveying forests from afar | EARTH Magazine
Expect tens of millions of internal climate migrants by 2050, says World Bank | Carbon Brief
Global warming to date could ‘obliterate’ a third of glacier ice | Carbon Brief

Disrupting the deep: Ocean warming reaches the abyss | EARTH Magazine

Nuclear winter might be closer than you think. Here’s how it could go down. | Grist

Surprise! Cutting emissions doesn’t just help polar bears, it saves people, too. | Grist
Blame the Arctic for your wild winter weather, New Yorkers. | Grist
Meteorologists have a new strategy for bringing climate change down to earth | Grist
This is What a West Without Water Will Look Like – Mother Jones
How Prepared Is The World For A Major Epidemic? – 1A
Is Geoengineering A Solution To Climate Change? – 1A
Why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year

Plastic eating microbes to the rescue: evolution may be finding a solution to the problem of plastic waste | TreeHugger
Herbicide use increases weed resistance – and costs, new study finds


Speeding down a dead end road – An Outside Chance
The troubling realities of our energy transition – Resilience

The Big Story: Can We Change Civilization by Changing Its Origin Story? – Resilience

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Need to Go – But What about the Poorer People who Rely on Cheap Energy? – Resilience

Resource Insights: The troubling realities of our energy transition

Extending the Glide: An interview with Jem Bendell | The Dark Mountain Project

The Great Change: Symbiotic Recycling

Passivhaus isn’t just a standard of energy, it’s a standard of luxury | TreeHugger

VIDEO: The end of neoliberalism – and the beginning of a green economy?

We can feed the world and protect our forests – but it requires system change 

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