Last Two Weeks at the Institute — Mar. 11–25, 2018

We’ve been busy working on the institute grounds and infrastructure. Part of that is working to build the tool library. We’re still raising money for the tool library. Please head over to our crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our tool library: Donations over $50 come with a free year’s membership and over $100 gets your name on the wall and website! We’re also taking tools and volunteer hours!

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Research Projects

We’ve been doing the unglamorous, behind-the-scenes work on our research projects: buying materials and scheduling our activities with participants. We’re getting certified seed potatoes from Vermont Valley. Our compost will come from Purple Cow. We’re still trying to source some organic straw.


Videos and Podcasts

We had a podcast outlining some thoughts on where society might go in the future. It’s worth a listen. We’ve got a video on building Aldo Leopold chairs that should be out shortly.


Making maple syrup really sapped (get it?) our time, but spring is our busiest season, so it is best to get as much done before plants can go outside.

We’re building a timber-frame chicken coop, which is a big build and time consuming, but it has to be done before we can move the chickens out of the garden area. The chickens dig and root through any disturbed soil, so I can’t form any garden beds while the chickens are in residence, or they just tear them apart. Additionally, I put in the first line of the new chicken fence. I’ll have more details on these projects as they approach completion.

It’s also been a busy time in the workshop, building Aldo Leopold chairs and boxes for the tool library.

And, finally, it is exciting to see our seed starts emerge and strain towards the light. It’s one of the best parts of spring.



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