News Roundup — Aug. 24, 2018

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Low Tech News

Planting a mix of tree species ‘could double’ forest carbon storage | Carbon Brief
A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings – Dark Mountain
Apple Tree Diseases – Crown Gall | Deep Green Permaculture
Courage and bolt-cutters: Meet the next generation of climate activists | Grist
Recovering America | Natural Building Blog
The Beauty of Mud and Straw | Natural Building Blog
Restoring Mayberry: Meadowsweet
Keeping the electricity grid running – 4 essential reads
The Most Ethical Renewable Energy Systems – The Permaculture Research Institute
How to encourage your kids to garden, according to @scottjenkins
How to grow the best garlic | TreeHugger
Why it’s so hard to get high quality, efficient and healthy buildings built these days | TreeHugger
[Episode #76] – Carbon Clampdown | The Energy Transition Show
1828 – Regen Network, The Blockchain and Transparency for Regenerative Enterprise with Gregory Landua | The Permaculture Podcast

Environmental News

Pipeline Company Responds to Federal Stop-Work Order with More Work | Earth First! Newswire
Ecuador: Court Rules Chevron Must Pay for Environmental Damage | Earth First! Newswire
Brazilian Indigenous Leader, Guardian of the Amazon Murdered | Earth First! Newswire
Five Arrested as Burnaby Pipeline Protest Camp Dismantled | Earth First! Newswire
Sweden to reach its 2030 renewables target 12 years early! | TreeHugger
Zinke Blamed “Environmental Terrorists” for Wildfires. Here’s the Crazy Backstory That Led to That. – Mother Jones
In the Rural West: More Oil, More Gas, More Ozone – Mother Jones
We Have Extremely Sad News About Sweden’s Reindeer – Mother Jones
Drought In Central Europe Reveals Cautionary ‘Hunger Stones’ In Czech River : NPR
Southern Discomfort – Resilience

Research News

Summer rainfall declines ‘primary driver’ of surge in US wildfires | Carbon Brief
Guest post: India’s emissions will double at most by 2030 | Carbon Brief
Rivers in the sky: Improving predictions of atmospheric rivers to reduce risk | EARTH Magazine
Great Barrier Reef has died and recovered before | EARTH Magazine
European mammals will struggle under climate change | EARTH Magazine
Teens have replaced reading with texting and social media | TreeHugger
Ancient hominids were too lazy to survive | TreeHugger
Tim Vernimmen explores the effects of a fence
Tons of plastic trash enter the Great Lakes every year – where does it go?
Many native animals and birds thrive in burned forests, research shows
Plan Bee: The Rise of Alternative Pollinators – The New York Times
Air Pollution Is Shortening Your Life. Here’s How Much. – The New York Times
Beer, Drinking Water And Fish: Tiny Plastic Is Everywhere : The Salt : NPR
‘Peak Coal’ is Getting Closer, Latest Figures Show – Resilience
We know the wrong way to deal with e-waste. But what should we do instead? | Ensia


Cassandra’s Legacy: Why so Many People on Earth? The Ideology of Natalism
Blind Spot and Fuel: a Review of Two Peak Oil Documentaries from 2008 – Resilience
Geomedia: Books: Informative and inspiring: “Why Dinosaurs Matter” | EARTH Magazine
Minimizing the downsides of the energy transition | Ensia
The Great Change: Slow Thinking
The Great Change: My Plastic Fantastic Love Affair
Resource Insights: Artificial intelligence, fake images and crumbling trust in our narratives
An alternative to propping up coal power plants: Retrain workers for solar
The Modern Automobile Must Die – Mother Jones
How walking might save the world (or at least our cities) | TreeHugger

Disclaimer: The news stories and posts linked above are not meant as an endorsement of the information presented. They are provided as they may be of interest to our readers and further our aims of solutions for a post-fossil-fuel world. We strive to provide fact-based information. If you feel that political views are being presented in a partisan fashion, we are happy to provide equal time to opposing view points as long as they are derived from verifiable data and facts.

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