Low-Tech COVID 19: Borrow Gardening Tools from Us for Free

This is part of an ongoing series of #LowTechResilience to COVID-19. We’re concerned enough about the pandemic and economic effects to encourage you, and anyone who will listen, to start thinking ahead — months ahead.

We’re pushing people to plant #ResilienceGardens (see our posts here). We want to help out while maintaining social distance. Maybe you don’t have and don’t want to acquire new tools for gardening this year. Perhaps something broke or rusted and you need a replacement today. Come by the Low Tech Tool Library for contact-free tool borrowing.

GardenSeederWe have a wide variety of garden tools available for you this year, including a walk-behind seeder. This thing rolls in front of you, dropping a carefully measured amount of seed evenly through your rows in a short time. We also have a wheel hoe, shovels, forks, and other tools to get your garden going this spring.

Visit the tool library page to find your tools and make a reservation. Or contact me with -questions: scott@lowtechinstitute.org, 608-886-9584.


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