Low Tech Podcast, No. 45 — Keep Calm and Grow Potatoes

Low Tech Podcast, No. 45 – 1 Apr 2022

Keep Calm and Grow Potatoes

In this episode we discuss why potatoes are the best staple for a local, sustainable future, and how to grow them based on our USDA-funded research.

Kenosha Potato Project – http://kenoshapotato.com/

Potatoes Five Ways – https://lowtechinstitute.org/2018/12/04/potatoes-five-ways-a-trial-looking-at-different-potato-growing-methods/

Potato Towers Don’t Work – https://www.cultivariable.com/potato-towers/

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Walking In The Rain” off of Bittersweet Endings by Crowander (CC-BY-NC)

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