Tomato Fertilizers

Although commercial tomatoes are fertilized with synthetic fertilizers, many homemade alternatives are floating around the internet and gardening literature. We want to find out what the effects of these various fertilizers are. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email us.

Stage: Conception
Last Update: 27 Jan 21
Expected Completion: Fall 2021

Problem Statement

What are the effects of various homemade fertilizers on tomatoes a) growth, b) production, and c) flavor?


Studies, old manuals, and other information will be used, going back to the Aztecs, if possible.


Easily available, homemade fertilizers will equal or beat store-bought modern “tomato food” and control plants in terms of a) growth, b) production, and/or c) flavor.


The test will consist of a series of tomato plants grown in identical conditions except fertilizer application.


Recorded information will include final (a) dried weight, (b) yield, and (c) blind qualitative taste tests.


Comparative statistical analyses of the three test results will be carried out.


A final report and video will be generated.


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