Tomato Storage

Tomatoes are a great summer crop, full of flavor plus vitamins and minerals. Part of their charm is their seasonality. Tomatoes at the grocery store in January just never taste as good as those in August. Before refrigeration and canning, people stored tomatoes for later enjoyment using a variety of methods. We’re going to put them each to the test. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email us.

Stage: Conception
Last Update: 27 Jan 21
Expected Completion: Winter 2021–22

Problem Statement

What is the best method to store full-fruit tomatoes in terms of a) shelf life, b) taste, and c) ease of use that does not use refrigeration, canning, or dehydration.


Produce breaks down due to chemical, biological, and physical processes.


The best storage method will inhibit chemical, biological, and physical processes that cause fruit purification.


Various methods will be gathered from research and carried out with control comparisons.


Data will be gathered in the categories of shelf life, taste, and ease of use.


All data will be run through statistical analyses to compare each tested method and attribute.


A video and write-up will be produced and shared.

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