Hour-Per-Day Gardening Continues

The hour-per-day gardening project continues. Spring is the busiest time of year, followed by fall harvesting. With the addition a part of our neighbor’s plot, we have more work and space than ever. It has been cool and a little wet, but dry enough to get some seeds in the ground.

The Neighbor’s Plot

This space needed some clearing off of the detritus from last year’s growth. I used my weed scythe to first cut down the weeds after which I disked the surface to turn in the old vegetable matter and loosen up the surface. Then I used our new seeder to plant Austrian winter peas in 7-in rows at 2-in spacing. It took about a pound to seed 1000 ft².

Institute Plot

In addition to starting tomatoes, okra, and peppers inside, I repotted cabbage, broccoli, herbs, and others. And when the rains held off on Wednesday, I was able to get peas, mustard, spinach, radishes, and lettuces planted in the garden as well.

The Data

Since the last post, I’ve worked 8:36 hours in seven days (1:14 per day).


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