Hour-Per-Day Gardening Continues

The hour-per-day gardening project is through mid-summer. Daily temps have come down to the mid-80°Fs, and regular rain is back. The weeds seem to be winning the battle, even in the plot where I used cardboard sheet mulch. My theory is that the wet spring rotted the cardboard quickly and then the weeds were able to grow through the layer.

The Neighbor’s Plot

I was able to harvest the oat crop in the neighbor’s plot. I haven’t threshed and winnowed out the grains yet, so I don’t know my yield, but it was fun to grow and harvest.

The corn is tasseling and the sunflowers are emerging, but both need to be weeded.

Institute Plot

I’ve got more weeding photos as well as a few “glamor shots” of emerging crops.


Beds weeded on the left and still under weed pressure on the right.

The potatoes are doing well except for a bout of potato beetles that I’ve been killing in the mornings and evenings when I go to open and close the chicken coop. The cabbage is making heads and the fractal cauliflower is beginning to form. This is the first time I’ve had celery produce and am impressed with the fresh flavor. I’ve also potted some kale and other crops for growing in the greenhouse this winter. And finally, the tomatoes are close to giving us our first red jewels of the season.


The Data

Since the last post, I’ve worked 0:50 hours per day (even with being gone for two days) leaving the overall seasonal average at 44 minutes per day.


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