Low Tech Podcast, No. 55 — Gardening: The Original Social Safety Net

Low Tech Podcast, No. 54 – 02 Sep 2022

Gardens: The Original Social Safety Net


In this episode we delve into the history of subsistence gardening and why our time is such an aberration.

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Song is:
Quiet Moonlit Countrysides” off of We Drove All Night by Holizna (Pub. Dom.)

Sound Effects (all CC license):
Time Machine: TimeTravel.wav
Neolithic Village: 201007_Tichindeal_VillageStore_Evening_st.wav
Roman Village: Italian village no traffic.aiff
Mesoamerican Village: Village activity whistling.wav
Medieval Village: medieval_village_atmosphere.wav

Image is US Government, Public Domain: “The oldest and the youngest war garden worker working in their garden when potatoes were just large enough to dig.”

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