Low Tech Podcast, No. 59 — Wake Up to Reality

Low Tech Podcast, No. 59 – 18  Nov 2022

Wake Up to Reality


In this episode we chat with Kate Ingold (IG: @kate.ingold) about coming to realize big changes are looming in our collective future when it comes to climate and energy. 

Just Stop Oil Climate Activists Who Threw Soup on Van Gogh” – NPR

Albatross – film by Chris Jordan

Our Environment: Touching our Gift of Life” – lecture by Thích Nhất Hạnh

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Songs are:
Something’s Out There” off of Something’s Out There by Holizna (Pub. Dom.)

Audio is from:
“Buddhism as a Dialog” by Alan Watts. Used under fair use.

Reading is from:
Ecotopia Emerging by Ernst Callenbach, 1981, Banyan Tree Books. Used under fair use.

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