Foodmageddon: More Hour Data

Although the Foodmageddon webseries is meant to be a fictional narrative (i.e., the loss of fossil fuels) and a documentary into a parallel timeline, all the work and data are real, of course. When I say we can only go to the grocery store twice a month because of “gas shortages,” that’s what we do, for example.

I track our data, and one of the biggest pieces of data is my hours worked. People are daunted by the idea of growing a large amount of their own food, but by tracking my hours, I can put a real piece of data behind what I say.

In the first three months of the project (starting mid-February), I worked almost two hours per day, or fourteen hours per week, which isn’t really that much, when you think about it. A third of a 40-hour work week to potentially provide all or most of our food for the year?

We’ll see how our time changes as we move into the slower season, that is, summer. The spring is the busiest time of year with bed preparation, planting, more bed preparation, and construction projects. But summer is primarily concerned with weeding, maintenance, and eating. Fall is busy again with harvest, but by then the weeds have either won or been vanquished!

Below is the raw data, showing what I’ve been up to each day.

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