Slow and Steady: Hour-A-Day Gardening

In this week of Hour-A-Day Gardening . . .
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Perfect Spring Weather

The weather has been lovely and seasonal. Some rain, some warm, some cool. Plants (and weeds) are thriving.

Field Crops

I’ve been weeding and watering my field crops: wheat, rye, barley, oats, peas, and beans. This last week, I planted field corn in the gaps between my rows of field peas. The idea is that the peas will grow and finish their production half way through the season, when the corn will be taking over the plot. I also planted beans in another field, and to protect them from the surplus of rabbits, I extended the electric fence.

Greenhouse Prepped

I was also — finally — able to whip the greenhouse into shape, creating rows and canals with compost, earth, mulch, and ag. fabric. The tomatoes were put in last week, and I transplanted lettuce starts this week. I also seeded okra, with which I’ve only had success with direct seeding.

Volunteers and Support

We’re always looking for volunteers. If you want to spend a few hours in a garden (and take home something yummy for your trouble), reach out to us at It can be regular or sporadic as you have time.

We’re also asking those who get something out of reading our site, watching our videos, and listening to our podcast to join the community of supporters of the institute by throwing us a few bucks a month on Patreon. If you’re in a position to help us out, a little goes a long way. Thanks for considering it.

The Data

Here’s the breakdown day by day. This week, I worked 10:30, raising my my average a minute to 57 minutes a day. This next week will be a tough, one, as family members fell ill on Friday and Saturday.

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